re:present L.A. Exhibition

May 3 – July 27, 2012 at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Dalila Paola Mendez


I was born in Los Angeles, CA, received my BA in International Relations and traveled. I decided to then become a teacher to be a positive impact in children’s lives and then I continued to work with youth on a part time basis in order to create my art. The diverse color combinations of artisan works from El Salvador,

Mexico, and Guatemala is a jumping point in my work and matrilineal family on my mother’s side inspires my work to have women as the central figure and elements of a piece. My work is also inspired by the line work in textile designs. The media I create work with include photography, performance, set design, and film.

The painting “LA: reimagined” is a painting that imagines an LA where plants, animals, homes, rivers, people, highways, peace and harmony are located.

Dalila Paola Mendez - L.A. Reimagined

"L.A. Reimagined"
24" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

Previous Artist: Louis JacintoNext Artist: Claudia Mercado


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