re:present L.A. Exhibition

May 3 – July 27, 2012 at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Looking Guide

re:present L.A. Logo

Para Español

Explore the artists’ representations of Los Angeles with a closer look!

In the exhibition, where can you find…

Dodger Stadium?
Repurposed Trader Joes bags?

The United Farm Workers symbol…can you find a second one?

A lucha libre mask?
A sunset?

Two people playing a board game?

What game are they playing? What do you see that makes you say that?

How many maps of Los Angeles can you find in the exhibtion?

Which artworks have freeways in them?

How many cars can you find in the exhibiton?
Do you travel through L.A. in a car?
Are there other ways people travel through L.A.?

Are there any locations of Los Angeles you recognize?

What is your favorite representation of Los Angeles in the exhibition? What about the artwork makes it your favorite?

Describe how would you represent Los Angeles.

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