re:present L.A. Exhibition

May 3 – July 27, 2012 at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Nathalie Sanchez


I developed my voice as an artist when I was able to sculpt my thoughts and ideas. As a woman of color born and raised in Los Angeles, I have complex and critical stories to share and art was my tool. My personal art practice investigates the cultural and political intersections of identity and consciousness in relations to American popular culture. My paintings, video performances and sculptural installations inspect the dichotomy of power as exhibited in gender issues, race relations and cultural representations. I examine the gendered body and explore issues of the current cultural climate, specific to people of color and other marginalized communities. My art allows me to imagine solidarity for those that may have yet to find their own voice or vehicle to share their stories.

Nathalie Sánchez - Migration

8″ x 8″,  Acrylic on Canvas

Previous Artist: Claudia MercadoNext Artist: Jeannifer Sandoval


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